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Property News September 2017

October 1, 2017 by John Gibson

The right real estate advice, for every situation.

We offer efficient and reliable property consultancy services across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We just don’t look at what’s on the surface. We uncover all the relevant information about a property so that we can deliver comprehensive advice which leaves no uncertainty or confusion.

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Case Study

Case Study – Taren Point

The owner of ten small industrial buildings enlisted our services when occupancy dropped to 56%. Our first step was to provide an analysis of competing properties to determine competitive rents and market vacancy. Once we determined the market, we developed a strategy to overcome the problem. We terminated the agreement with the current agent and appointed a highly experienced local and city agent, who thoroughly revamped the marketing of the property and adjusted the rent to a more competitive level.

Locate Negotiate worked closely with the agents and the owner to develop a marketing campaign that used cost-effective advertising techniques to drive traffic. Within 6 Months the portfolio stabilised at 93% occupancy.

Case Study – Cronulla

A client who was looking to downsize from their large family home to a more manageable apartment was recently referred to Locate Negotiate. The client had lived in the home for about 45 years and was unsure of the processes involved in positioning their property for sale.

Locate Negotiate advised on what price the client would expect to achieve if they put the property on the open market. However. Locate Negotiate also advised the client that, based on a new Sutherland Council LEP proposal, their property was also a potential development site.

Locate Negotiate advised their client that it would be worth investigating further with an independent town planner and an architect to explore the full potential of the property.

The advice received from the architect was that there was, in fact, the potential to develop a block of seven 2 bedroom units on the site. Locate Negotiate advised their client that the property could potentially have a much higher value as a development site if the proposed LEP was approved. Locate Negotiate informed the client that there would be genuine, significant interest from developers to secure the property in the circumstance, and recommend that the client hold off selling their home until there was a decision on the new draft LEP.

The client has welcomed this advice and is currently working with his architect drawing up plans to submit to council.


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