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Save with our Tenant Advocacy Services

Business owners and managers looking to secure the right commercial rental property or negotiate a lease renewal for their business can often fall into the trap of paying above market rents or agreeing to unfavourable lease terms


How does it work? We collect a detailed brief from the client ensuring we have an in-depth understanding of their requirements. This may include a single office to a large scale premises covering all areas of retail, office, commercial and industrial space. We help the clients identify and align strategic business, financial and operational objectives. This often includes a stay vs go strategy and analysis of their existing tenancy.


Once the property is selected we undertake the necessary due-diligence and reporting to ensure the building meets compliance standards and check council requirements. Our experts will advise you on how to best leverage your tenancy in the market to achieve maximum benefit and flexibility. We will skilfully negotiate the best possible lease terms, rent and conditions that are in your best interests. Our sole commitment is you.


Our extensive experience working on behalf of commercial tenants means we are able to eliminate risk, save time and negotiate on behalf of the tenant, which can result in significant bottom line savings. We have no affiliation with agents or owners, our team work for the tenants and occupiers. Our goal is to uncover the best property options with no bias and negotiate the ideal terms. Our clients are tenants and occupiers of commercial, industrial and retail properties.

Business Property Services

Complete property resource solution covering the entire property spectrum for your business


The lease renewal event gives one the opportunity to x all the niggles that arose during the initial lease term, establish what a fair market rental is and assess whether or not the place is still required.


By following some simple rules, it’s possible to get good space value for your money.


Locate Negotiate utilize proprietary databases, a great network, detailed modelling per site, and the experience we’ve gained over numerous transactions to guide our clients in selecting the best possible location for their operations. We have detailed understanding of leasing trends, property acquisition process, which buttons to push and how to conclude a property transaction. Our mission is to secure good sites on fair terms and conditions.


Where our clients are weighed down by surplus premises or underperforming stores, we throw our weight behind the problem to secure a quick resolution – rather an ending (even if painful), than live with unending pain.


Given the many lessons we’ve learned over the years – we’ve witnessed almost every scenario (and there rami cations) imaginable – Locate Negotiate is well positioned to help companies establish and/or improve the way they manage their leased and owned property assets.


We have developed a formal methodology for defining and documenting current and future facility locations and space requirements. Our focus is on proactively analysing a client’s needs and formulating creative strategies to achieve their operational objectives.


We employ a broad range of expertise to cohesively manage a client’s property portfolio. Via single point of contact, our objective is to use our experience and capabilities effectively to become your outsourced property department. Locate Negotiate act as the interface and partner for your property related matters and are there to ensure the best possible outcomes. Locate Negotiate are flexible in the services they provide. If you are looking to outsource the entire project or just require some specific advice.

Residential Tenant Representation

Locate Negotiate is here to help, we have successfully found new rental homes for our clients, from executives to families with a range of budgets. Locate Negotiate Is the most cost effective turn-key solution to fulfil your rental housing needs.



We collect a detailed brief from the client ensuring we have an in-depth understanding of their requirements.


  • Organise appointments with real estate agents.
  • Undertake internet research, source and identify rental properties that match your clients brief.
  • Provide support to collect the client from your work or airport and take you to the property inspections if required.
  • Help your client lodge your rental application form – We will also provide some useful tips on preparing rental application forms.
  • Liaise with the real estate agent and do all the follow up.
  • Provide assistance to complete the rental property condition report.


Our extensive experience working on behalf of residential tenants means we can eliminate risk, save time and negotiate on behalf of the tenant, which can result in significant bottom line savings. Our sole commitment is you.


We operate in all areas of the Sydney metropolitan area.

Commercial Tenant Advocacy

Tenant Representation

This service is ideal for business owners or companies looking to lease new premises or negotiate their existing tenancy. We work with tenants, meeting their requirements that span from a single office or large scale premises as well as a renewal or relocation.



BACKGROUND: We were engaged by a specialist Doctor to undertake due-diligence and negotiations regarding a medical office facility which was under construction. Our client saw the benefit of using a tenant advocate with market independence, negotiation experience and knowledge. Our client was very interested in securing the space, however they were reluctant to formally commit until we throughly investigated the development, asking rent, inclusions, lease terms and possible incentives etc. RESULT: After a period of robust negotiations, we were successful in negotiating and securing the premises for our client. Key Benefits for our client:
  • Substantial rent incentive over the form of the lease
  • Outgoings capped
  • Extended lease term and options period
  • Additional Parking
  • Reduced annual rent increase percentage

  • Client recently aligned its business with an international company. As part of their requirements, they needed to secure a CBD presence and be operating in an A Grade office circa 800 sqm within 3 months. THE BRIEF: The client engaged our services to assist with the process of identifying, reviewing A grade office space for lease within a 300 meter radius of Martin Place (CBD). We were to represent our client in lease negotiations once we identified the right property and completed necessary due diligence. The brief included the following tasks:
    • analysis of current market rents
    • assist the client define its accommodation criteria
    • circulation of brief (encompassing above criteria) to all active leasing agents in the market identifying potential premises which included off market opportunities, conducting inspections and discussion of likely terms of lease
    • negotiate the final lease proposal
    • Review of lease terms document and recommendations to clients’ solicitor
    RESULT: After an extensive search and due diligence process, we negotiated favourable lease terms on a fully fitted out A grade office in the CBD owned by Charter Hall. The existing tenants were keen to surrender their tenancy and the opportunity to secure a fully fitted out office was very attractive to our clients. In addition to this, we negotiated a favourable incentive over the term of the lease and in addition received an upfront payment to contribute to some additional offices fitout.



    BACKGROUND: Our client was a large national company with its Head Office located in Ultimo. They had a lease expiring in 6 months time and were happy to investigate alternative premises. In the absence of a better alternative, they were happy to renew their lease and remain at the building. Before our engagement, the landlord had already tabled a lease proposal offering a five year lease term (no option) based on an increased rental plus a 19% incentive. THE BRIEF:
    • Engagement with landlord to negotiate renewal.
    • In parallel, explore and identify credible alternative premises.
    • Assistance to client with cash flowing of the Stay vs. Go option.
    • Investigate additional parking within the building.
    • Confirmation from client that existing premises is the preferred option, engagement with landlord and finalise negotiation.
    • Instruction from client was that they didn’t want to go to Valuer determination at the expiry of the lease.
    • New 5 year lease + with 5 year option agreed.
    • Increase of incentive to 25%, additional 4 car spaces, landlord improvements to client offices and flooring. Improvement in other terms (e.g. rent review structures).